Time To Bust Egg Myths!!

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Eggs have a history that is riddled by controversies, ever since they were deemed as a cholesterol-laden food, for years now. Fortunately, recent studies have gotten us back to the notion that our parents and grandparents have advocated for decades.

Despite the controversial nature of repercussions of eggs on your health India's egg production will soon touch 100 billion annually from 90 billion per year as the poultry sector is growing rapidly and becoming organized growing at 6 % annually and the sector provides a lot of employment opportunity and would help immensely in achieving the government's target to double farmers' income by 2022.

Having said that here are the common myths around eggs that need to be dispelled says Suresh Chitturi, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director of Srinivasa Farms Private Limited

Myth #1: Eggs increase your blood cholesterol level

Reality: While measuring the impact of a food item on our blood cholesterol levels, saturated and trans-fat (the 'bad' fats) levels should be taken into account. Studies have shown that saturated fats and cholesterol in eggs have little to no effect on cholesterol levels in your body.

Myth #2: Egg yolks are unhealthy

Reality: Egg yolks do contain more fat and cholesterol than egg whites, but studies over the last few decades have shown that a) not all fat is bad for you; and b) consuming foods high in cholesterol does not necessarily translate to having higher blood cholesterol, although there are still groups, especially diabetics and those with heart disease, who are recommended to abstain.

Myth #3: Every Egg is a baby Chicken

Fact: An egg is an egg, whether it’s been fertilized or not. This is as true for chickens as it is for people. Women ovulate, and hens lay eggs. The majority of eggs for sale today are unfertilized and couldn’t become chickens even if you wanted them to.

Myth #4: Having more than an egg a day can be detrimental to your health!

Fact: Several recent studies have shown that you can now have up to three whole eggs per day if you are otherwise healthy without any cholesterol-related issues.

Myth #5: White eggs are healthier than brown eggs!

Fact: Eggs come in several colours. Eggshells derive their colour from the pigments the hens produce. Hence, both white and brown have the same nutritional values and are healthy.

Myth #6: Eating eggs can cause heart diseases

Facts: Eating eggs have shown to have no linkage to heart diseases.

Myth #7: Buying eggs from local farmers is safer than purchasing them from the grocery store!

Fact: Eggs come from chickens, and chickens harbour Salmonella bacteria. So there is no guarantee that the farmers' market is a safer option as compared to the grocery store

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