Hypertension:An indian Epidemic Which Is A Gift Of Our Present Lifestyle

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According to a recent data the prevalence of Hypertension in India may be as high as 25-30%!! Hypertension is more common in urban areas due to lifestyle related factors. Prevalence in urban areas like Hyderabad is as high as 30-35%. Hypertension has become an epidemic in India. Its incidence is rising in all urban areas including Hyderabad.

Hypertension is a multifactorial disease. Many factors may be responsible for increase in incidence and prevalence like obesity, diets rich in oil and salt, Diabetes, lack of exercise, chronic stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco, drug addictions, etc…Besides these there is also a rise in secondary hypertension (hypertension arising as a result of an underlying condition) due to kidney and hormonal problems…Males are more prone to develop Hypertension at a younger age. After 55 years of age, both genders are at equal risk.

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