Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases and feelings in the life of womanhood. The pregnancy tests, first visit to the doctor, the exhilaration in the family, cravings and mood swings make this phase of life is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs are equally enjoyed, making this period to be cherished for lifetime.

Emotional Changes are actually a part and the parcel while sailing in the boat of pregnancy, making it inevitable and unavoidable thus, it is very important for both the parents to be equally prepared for it. The prospective mother should not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about her array of emotions and must deal with them positively and progressively. The prospective father has an important role to play as he should be patient and enduring enough to deal and upkeep with his wives ever-changing moods and cravings.

Following are the ways to deal with emotions and mood swings during pregnancy which makes it a little easier for the parents to grip and uplift her low life conditions:

1.Self-Care and Pampering: It is very essential for the prospective mother to pin her ears to what her body, mind and soul asks for. Music, reading, writing, painting, spa, manicure or pedicure, shopping or even binge eating could do justice to your emotions. But another very important aspect is to do things according to your needs and escape things at the compromise of your and your baby’s health. Also, it is completely okay to spoil and indulge yourself in things that give you contentment and satisfaction during pregnancy, that’s because you may not get enough time to pamper yourself after your delivery.

2.Diet: The nutritional values of the baby solely depend on what the diet of the mother thus, it is very important for the mother to keep a check on her nutrient intake. The prospective mother should always avoid processed, canned and packaged foods. Instead depend on their nutritious quotient on naturally derived products like milk, eggs, salmon, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits etc. It is totally acceptable to satiate cravings once in a while and indulge yourself in lip-smacking candies and junk foods to help elevate your mood and emotions.

3.Physical Activity or Exercise: It is a mandate for all the prospective mothers out there to indulge themselves some kind of physical activity on a regular basis which keeps them active, lively and energetic throughout the day. It also relieves stress instantly and helps in lightening up your mood. All the prospective mothers should go in for a brisk walk, swimming or even some light yoga. Exercises make the prospective mother’s physically and mentally sound making them feel fitter and stronger.

4.Partner Affection: It is time you spend the most romantic days where your husband understand and fulfils all your cravings. It is important you tell him that you appreciate and love him for all the extra care and effort he does to comfort you and make you feel fine and happy. Trying spending as much time as possible before the baby arrives and laugh out all your worries away, together.

5.Indulge in Entertainment to Evade Negativity: During this phase of your life, try staying far away from gossips and negativity as much as possible as they can affect your baby, too. Instead, indulge yourself in watching movies, catching up with friends and refreshing yourself because you might miss on all this later.

6.Sleep: Waking up from a great sleep often works wonders for many. It is very crucial for the mothers to sleep in the right position while carrying a baby in her womb. It is important for her to sleep straight on her back which can be distressing and irritating sometimes. Sleeping for at least 8 hours is a must.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and Founder, International Fertility Centre.

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