Painless Death Most Searched Topic On Internet By Suicide-prone People

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Hyderabad: Suicide, the more often it happens the more it is reported, and the more it is reported, the more it is known, and the more it is known, the more it is an option. It is a vicious cycle, and more and more people are falling prey to its many different ways. Broadly, there are two types of suicide, one is properly planned and another is out of emotional haste. The city has been witnessing more emotionally driven suicides as our society is not used to talking about the most necessary aspects of life. Psychologists also say that ‘Painless death’ is one of the most searched topics on the internet.

People may not provide direct and obvious hints of their destructive suicidal thoughts, but their social media presence and their profiles can speak a lot of a person's mental state of mind. It is here where hints of what the friends or family have missed, can be picked up.

Poor relationship with parents, excessive expectations, the feeling of being unwanted are a few among the many reasons why one resorts to Suicide.

“Stress, frustration and disillusionment that a person may experience makes living difficult for him/her and hence the quest to end one’s life,” said Purnima Nagaraja, consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Recalling a bizarre incident of a woman who planned her suicide at least a year-and-a-half in advance. “She would buy a prescription tablet of 100 mg from the pharmacy citing different reasons. She collected a quantity enough to kill herself and waited for a day to execute the suicide. Her husband had left the house for a two-day business trip when the woman had put the plan to execution. Her husband's trip was canceled and he made it back home 6 hours after leaving the house, only to find her in an unconscious state. She was rushed to the Hospital where she was found to be in a coma. If it was not for her husband's unexpected arrival, she would have been dead by now,” The doctor said.

In a natural circumstances, people tend to chose the most painless, quick and effective method. “People who resort to suicide are doing it so that they can avoid a problem they cannot resolve. Women generally resort to pills but men go for more dangerous methods like jumping in front of a train,” said Dr Anjali Shubham. It's people between the age groups of 15-29 who have been more susceptible to suicide over the past few years. Relatives and friends should keep a close eye on their near and dear ones to pick up on suicidal tendencies and help their people out of depression.

A child psychologist Dr Atul Kumar, advice parents to build a kind of trust with their kids for them to be free enough to talk around the house, that can relieve their stress by a lot.

“Suicides due to failure in examinations are common among children. If a WHO report is any indication, depression symptoms and signs of suicide should be considered seriously given that India has the highest suicide rate among people aged 15-29 years. Children as young as six say they feel stressed. Clearly, pushing them to excel in anything they do is not conducive to the well-being of children,” Dr Kumar said.

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