Jazz Up Your Room With Soft Home Furnishing Monsoon Tips 

For small rooms, it’s preferable to blend colors with whites to get a wider look. - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Monsoon is the best season to decorate your home with bright colours blending with furniture, soft home textiles, flooring, lighting and deco arts. Soft home furnishings play a major role in jazzing up your abode so opt for the right trends.

Abhinav Mahajan, Retail Director, Maspar lists down some smart tips

* Widen look for the small rooms: For small rooms, it's preferable to blend colors with whites to get a wider look. Also recommendable to use lightweight furniture, delicate decor so that it won't overpower the room or dominate the space. We can play with the shades of coral, aqua, turquoise & pinks to make our living room jazzier.

* Use 100 per cent cotton bedsheet: Monsoon comes with humid weather, nothing can give a comfort other than a cotton bedsheet as it let the air pass and give a comfortable sleep. Cotton bedsheets also help in to absorb superfluous moisture.

* Complete decor with curtains: Curtains also play a major role in home decor especially during the monsoon seasons sheer lightweight curtains will definitely give a delicate yet sophisticated look. Also, Sheer curtains do allow passing the cool breeze into your home. Mr. G. Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director at Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd also have some ideas to share

* Using breathable materials: With monsoons comes a dampness that can downgrade the mood of the room with odor. Using breathable, 100% cotton materials on accessories such as pillows, sheets, and curtains can help avoid the odor. Cotton, being highly absorbent, absorbs unwanted moisture but at the same time, it dries quickly. This makes it ideal for the damp conditions associated with the monsoon.

* Quality is the key: The harsh weather can sometimes be unkind to the materials used in a bedroom. This deterioration can be stalled by the use of high-quality linens and materials. Materials like suede, which is very soft, should be avoided as it can easily be damaged by high levels of moisture." (IANS)

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