In a case of extreme co-incidence, a married Chinese couple was shocked to learn that they were photographed in the same photo roughly 11 years before they met each other.

In the photo taken back in 2000 in Qingdao, Xue can be seen smiling for the camera in front of a towering red sculpture in a town square in China. While in the corner, her future husband, Ye, is spotted posing in the background.

The couple was photographed together as teenagers in the Chinese town of Qingdao – and didn’t find out until after they married. They met in 2011 in Chengdu through mutual friends and to add to the surprise, the couple got married in Qingdao. However, much to their surprise, they only made the discovery on 4 March, 2018.

“When I saw the photo I was taken by surprise and I got goosebumps all over my body,” Ye said. Like any good modern coincidence of this quantum, the story went viral.

The couple’s friends said it was incontrovertible proof the two were meant to be together. Now with twin daughters, they plan to go back to the same spot.

“It seems that Qingdao is certainly one of the most special cities. When the children are older we’ll go to Qingdao again and the family will take another photo,” he said.

Ye also said that the photograph was clicked at May Fourth Square in China. This truly is a match made in heaven.

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