Hi! I am Sridevi Jasti and this is my story.

For over 30 years now, in a lifetime full of experiences, I found my passion in the simplest of things - a whiff of nature, a hint of health and a nudge of nutrition. I cannot put in words the importance of a healthy food culture to me. The interwoven relation of food and nature is a complex one and I spend my life deciphering, understanding and preaching the same.

Among many stories that I have been blessed with, one such visit to a biennial event in Torino, Italy remains my favourite one to tell. The event was called Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. It preaches the Slow Food Movement. Following the philosophy of natural food movements, the event exhibits natural ways of growing heirloom variety of seeds following natures rhythm and traditional methods of agriculture.

One step into this event and I was overwhelmed. I came across several impressive people with incredibly interesting stories. Gastronomical treasures - Mushroom Truffles, eggplants that looked like tomatoes, celery with pink stalk, exotic cheese, wines and ciders - they had everything. It was like a holy pilgrimage for people like me having found every ingredient I had been chasing under one roof.

As delighted as I was to witness the marvelous culinary expeditions, I was also saddened by our country’s exhibit. India should have been at the forefront of displaying traditions with its legacy of agriculture and farming history. Yet, a substandard variety of Basmati Rice, fried murgulu and puffed rice were all that were shown to the world. I was not living in India at that time. The misplaced traditions, the forgotten richness and the unidentified talent should not be ignored anymore, I thought and I had an epiphany.

Our country... our tradition... our food
Our country... our tradition... our food

Life took me almost by accident or should I say it was destiny? I landed in India a few years back. It has been my unnerving goal to achieve what I wished for back then in Italy. I wake up everyday and constantly feel one step closer to my dream of putting india on the map of natural movements around the world.

Today’s young masses are forgetting the importance of nature. Following the natural method gives a superior taste, more nutrients and is nature friendly. We as a community have an undying responsibility to follow it.

I learnt, explored and discovered that joys of life are wrapped in tiny, little delicious packages that you can eat and I for one, plan on spending the rest of my life savouring every bite I can while giving back to the environment what it gives to me. Do you?

Vibrant Living....
Vibrant Living....

About Author

Sridevi Jasti is an award-winning nutritionist, founder and master chef at Vibrant Living Foods. A firm believer in the benefits of Vegan food, she innovates highly nutritious, tasty and ready-to-eat food. Armed with a degree in Nutrition, she has been a part of the food industry in the USA, Canada, Italy and India for the last 25 years. For more information on Vibrant Living and Sridevi , do follow her Instagram and Facebook pages.