Left, Trinamool stunted Bengal's growth: Rahul

Left, Trinamool stunted Bengal's growth: Rahul - Sakshi Post

Rishra : Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed the Left Front and the ruling Trinamool Congress for stunting growth of West Bengal.

Interacting with jute mill workers at the Wellington Jute Mill complex here, Gandhi said the Congress has always ensured that along with industry the interests of the workers and farmers were protected.

"We are not against development," said the Gandhi scion. "This is how we want to work in Bengal as well". Gandhi made the remarks after listening to the problems of jute mill workers.

More than a dozen jute mills have closed down across the state rendering thousands jobless. "I am with you all, whether you are a jute mill worker, a farmer or from the weaker section of the society. Wherever you see weak people, you will find Rahul Gandhi standing beside them," he said.

He said people needed to bring the Congress to power to ensure Bengal's development.

"First the Left Front put the brakes on Bengal. You thought that if the Trinamool Congress comes (to power), it will press the accelerator. But the moment they came to power, they applied the brakes more forcefully.

"Unless the Congress comes to power here, the vehicle will not move forward. This is our fight, your fight and let us fight together and bring Congress to power in Bengal," he added.



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