Lal Krishna Advani Chooses silence as a weapon to protest?

Lal Krishna Advani Chooses silence as a weapon to protest? - Sakshi Post

Advani known for his oratorical skills in BJP had always been the one to deliver the valedictory speech at national executive committee meets except for once in 2013. However, that might be a recurring  scene in 2015 too.

In 2013 as a protest against announcing Modi as the prime ministerial candidate, he had skipped attending the meet but now though he is present in  Bengaluru meet, Its said that he defied party President Amith Shas request to deliver the valedictory speech. It has been the custom since the party initiation 35 years ago, that Advani delivers the Valedictory speech. L.K Advani who is also reckoned for his Sharp comments and answers in the parliament has maintained remarkable silence on the parliament floor in this tenure of his. He is upset with the party functioning and decisions that lately did not need his involvement. After Amith shah took over as the party president last year. he has sacked the party's veterans from the parliamentary board that's the top deciding authority of the party and put them into "Margadharshak Mandal" (Guidance committee). But the party has not really been taking any guidance nor consultation from them even in decisions like promoting Kiran Bedi as the chief minister candidate in Delhi or in forming alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. All this is said to have pained the veteran much that he has decided to protest in silence.  His denial to make the valedictory speech and silence in the parliament are all a part of his silent protest against the party's attitude towards him is what party sources say

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