'Laksha Gala Gosha' for Samaikyandhra echoes in Chittoor

'Laksha Gala Gosha' for Samaikyandhra echoes in Chittoor - Sakshi Post

"If fifty people come together, imagine what will happen?" Remember this dialogue from Mahesh Babu's movie Businessman? However, Mahesh uses this dialogue for a different purpose altogether.

In real life, if one lakh people particularly students joined hands together and came on the streets, imagine the effect. Madanapalli in Chittoor witnessed such a scene. Their platform -  ‘Laksha Gala Ghosha’ (cry of one lakh voices) and their sole aim is to keep the state united.

Students from over 500 schools along with their parents raised their voices against the bifurcation of state.

Jai Samaikyandhra slogans from the mouths of one lakh students reverberated through Anne Besant circle where several groups congregated in big rallies with placards and banners.

This was one of the biggest event ever witnessed in Seemandhra region after the recent one in Kurnool district concluded without any untoward incidents. However, traffic came to a stand still in the town and the activists blocked all the roads leading to Bangalore and Chennai. Nuziveedu too saw a similar event.
Is the High Command watching this?

Shahjahan Basha draws ire of Samaikyandhra protestors

Madanapalli MLA Shahjahan Basha faced the heat of Samaikyandhra agitataors in Madanapalli today.. The MLA who came to participate in the 'Laksha Gala Gosha faced the ire of activists. They threatened the MLA with slippers, asking him to go back.

Left with no other option, the MLA went back.

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