Lady cheats people, tries to commit suicide

Lady cheats people, tries to commit suicide - Sakshi Post

  Rajni Reddy, who duped a number of people off some crores tried to commit suicide. 

She promised some people in Hyderabad that she would double the money given to her in 40 days. Several people deposited their money with her and some even gave her lakhs of rupees.

As the depositors demanded the money after the stipulated time of 40 days, she could not pay back the money. Angered,  the depositors complained to the police.

As the pressure from the depositors increased, she tried committing suicide. She also told them that the money is at the mediators.

The police, who came to the conclusion that a big amount is involved in the matter, transferred the case to CCS.

She consumed sleeping pills, but was immediately rushed to Gandhi Hospital and her condition is said to be stable now. 
- Sakshipost

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