KSR INTERVIEW: Bypolls Different From General Elections, Says YS Jagan

YS Jagan speaks to KSR - Sakshi Post

What is Prashant Kishore's role in YSRCP?

Prashant Kishore advises me. Whether I take his advice or not is my decision. Sometimes, we differ and debate. If we feel the suggestion is good, we will implement it. Even at the implementation stage, he advances suggestions for further improvement.

Will Prashant Kishore have a role in choosing the candidates?

Every party has it own survey teams. They would try to understand the support base of each aspirant and this is gauged by conducting surveys. Those who have people's support will get the tickets. Every party does it. Prashant Kishore could give us inputs.

Were you disappointed by Nandyal bypoll results?

The TDP had spent over Rs 200 crore in Nandyal and paid anything between Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 to buy votes. They intimidated the people saying that pensions would be stopped if they did not vote for the TDP. They were told that there would be no developmental work if the TDP loses. The people were afraid. Still, I led the fight for 13 days in Nandyal. We fought the TDP every inch of the way. But, it is important to note that by-polls and general elections are two different things. In a by- poll, you can marshal all your resources. You cannot do that in general elections. If Chandrababu Naidu is truly confident about his victory, he should order the defectors to resign and seek by-elections. In these elections, he cannot spend the way he has spent in Nandyal.

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