Kondandaram Supports Women Film Artistes Cause

TJS chief Kodandaram - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) chief Kondandaram came to the support to the women film artistes and demanded that 90 per cent of the breaks in films should be given to Telugus. He expressed his party's solidarity at the press conference organised by the junior artistes demanding removal of casting couch as well as co-ordinator system in the Telugu film industry.

The TJS chief said that the way women were dealt with in the film industry reminds us of the feudal system. He said that film industry should be a model for all, but unfortunately people were losing respect towards the industry and the people who are involved with it. Recently the industry was haunted by drugs case and now the sexual exploitation issue he said, and called for a more civilised way of functioning.

Kodandaram was surprised by the government's attitude and asked why were they not trying to file a case against the culprits. "There is a need to book all those involved in sexual exploitation of women in film industry," he added.

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