'Knee surgery comment was slip of tongue'

'Knee surgery comment was slip of tongue' - Sakshi Post

When TDP leader Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu made a statement on Sharmila that she had faked her knee surgery, he did not imagine it would evoke response. However, soon after he made the controversial statement, Sharmila posed an open challenge asking him to prove his charge.

As if to add fuel to fire, reporters questioned him if he was willing to prove his charge or would he touch YSRCP leader's feet. This caught the TDP unaware. To avoid further questions and prevent repercussions, Gali quickly defended himself saying it was a slip of tongue. 
He further went on to say his comments were based on some photos posted on the Facebook and nothing more.
It's worth mentioning here that in reaction to Gali's allegation, YSR Congress party leader, Sharmila had asked the TDP leader to prove his allegation or be prepared to apologise by touching her feet.
Now, with Gali's justification of his statement that created such a flutter it's evident that the allegations are baseless.

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