Kiran Kumar Reddy opposes Telangana Bill in Assembly

Kiran Kumar Reddy opposes Telangana Bill in Assembly - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad,  Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy Wednesday stoutly opposed the proposed bifurcation of the State and said it would be detrimental to all regions.

Taking part in the ongoing debate on the draft Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill-2013 in the Assembly this evening, Kiran, amidst disruption by Telangana MLAs, said it was his misfortune that he had to speak on the bifurcation issue.

Anybody would love to become Chief Minister. But it's my misfortune that I have become CM and got to speak on the (bifurcation) issue.

Kiran, who had openly opposed the Congress Working Committee's July 30 resolution to split AP and create a new state of Telangana, spoke on the floor of the House what he had been saying in public in the last seven months.

Our CWC has taken a decision, but I am totally opposing it. It's not in the interest of anyone, the Congress leader remarked.

The Chief Minister decided to speak on the Bill yesterday itself as suspense continued on whether or not the President would allow more time, beyond January 23, for the House to return the draft legislation with its views.

Though it is customary for the CM to speak after members of various parties and also the Leader of Opposition have completed their speeches, Kiran began his address despite Chandrababu Naidu not taking part in the debate.

Naidu, the TDP President, is Leader of Opposition in the Assembly. Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy referred to the uncertainty over extension of deadline for returning the draft Bill and hence the CM decided to speak immediately as we have hardly 24 hours.

Legislators from Telangana disrupted the CM's speech, wanting to know in what capacity was he speaking.

Panchayat Raj Minister K Jana Reddy raised the issue and wanted the CM to clarify whether the latter was opposing the Bill in his capacity as Leader of the House or as Kiran Reddy, the MLA. Kiran replied he would give a detailed explanation why he was opposing the Bill.

Not satisfied with the reply, TRS MLAs trooped into the Well demanding a clarification. As the House was caught in a brief pandemonium. Anam Reddy said the Chief Minister was entitled to express his views. No one else gets to occupy the position of the Leader of the House, he pointed out.

Jana Reddy then said if Kiran was opposing the Bill as Leader of the House, they (legislators from Telangana) would not be party to it.

The CM then continued with his address and read out excerpts from the first States Reorganisation Commission, speeches of late Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to buttress his argument against the bifurcation.

He also referred to the debates in the erstwhile Hyderabad state and asserted merger of then Hyderabad with the state of Andhra in 1956 was not forcible. He made an alluding reference to TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao, saying a new State could not be created to please some vested interests in the guise of development.

This remark drew howls of protest from TRS members. Kiran went on to reel out statistics related to Government jobs, irrigation and other sectors in the State. His speech remained inconclusive. The House was then adjourned for the day.

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