'Kiran Kumar Reddy government lacks accountability'

'Kiran Kumar Reddy government lacks accountability' - Sakshi Post

Leader of Opposition and Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu has expressed anguish over the way the monsoon session of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly was conducted.

I am deeply saddened, he told reporters today after the brief five-day session came to an end without a single discussion on any issue. People lost faith in the Assembly because of the conduct of the leaders, he observed. It was the responsibility of the Assembly Speaker to run the House in a smooth manner while the onus was on the government to assist the Speaker in this regard. The government shied away from any debate in the House fearing that it would have been cornered by the opposition, Chandrababu alleged. The government felt happy when opposition parties stalled the House on different issues. The Kiran Kumar Reddy government lacked any accountability, the Leader of Opposition lashed out. Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's remark that money doesn't grow on trees, the TDP chief said, Is the brazen loot of public money in various scams like 2G spectrum and coal blocks allocation not visible to the Prime Minister? He remained a mute spectator when the country was being looted. He questioned how would jobs be created through foreign direct investment. The Centre was trying to hoodwink people through false claims that farmers would stand to benefit from FDI, Chandrababu alleged.

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