'Kiran, Chandrababu are the dirty duo of Chittoor'

'Kiran, Chandrababu are the dirty duo of Chittoor' - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party MLA Bhumana Karunakara Kumar Reddy on wednesday lambasted both former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu. 

He accused the duo of helping the Centre with the bifurcation process of the state.

“The Chittoor duo behaved in a manner that would have embarrased the 50 lakh people of the district," he said.

“Kiran strongly supported the bifurcation of the state. He had been in the post till the last minute just to earn some extra crores," said the MLA.

He said that Kiran had resigned from the post as per the directions of the high command.


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