King Cobra, Python Kill Each Other In Fierce Battle

King Cobra and Python Kill Each Other In Fierce Battle - Sakshi Post

It is no wonder to state that everyone gets scared when they see a Python. Even though a King Cobra has lesser strength than the Python, its poison is more dangerous. Anyone who gets bitten by a King Cobra dies within a few seconds. Can you imagine a fight between these two treacherous snakes? In a chaotic ending, these two of the most dangerous snakes on the planet have died after a long battle against each other.

A photo showing a King Cobra and a Python fighting with each other has become viral recently. While the Python encircled itself around the King Cobra using its sheer strength, the former died due to a venomous bite from the latter in its last minutes before dying.

Although there is firm belief that the incident might have happened in South East Asia, there seems to be no clarity regarding the exact location of the fight.

"Certainly the two snakes fought somewhere in a South East Asian country," said Coleman Shihi of Florida Museum Of Natural History in an interview with the National Geographic Channel.

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