Kim’s Retreat From Public Eye May Cost Her Over $1 mn a Month

Kim Kardashian - Sakshi Post

Los Angeles: In the wake of Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, the reality TV star has suspended all commitments indefinitely and stopped posting on social media - decisions that could cost her more than $1 million a month.

Since she was gagged, bound and robbed at gunpoint of nearly $11 million worth of jewellery in her hotel room in Paris earlier this month, she has intentionally retreated from the public eye both online and at in-person events.

Rad also estimates that her personal, non-ad-related posts to be worth at least $20,000 a piece to her overall brand. Despite her potentially losing about a $1 million a month through her withdrawal from social media alone, Rad said that her return to posting could benefit her in the long term.

The star also appears to be shelling out exponentially more in personal security than she was prior to the intrusion.

Kim’s siblings Kendall, Khloe, kylie

Kardashian siblings cancel their public appearances

Meanwhile Kim Kardashian’s siblings Kendall, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have also reportedly cancelled a number of their planned public appearances following their sister Kim Kardashian West's Paris robbery due to security issues as all three siblings are scared after their 35-year-old model-sister was robbed at the gunpoint in the French capital.

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