Killed hubby 12 years ago, killed son now - all for lover

Killed hubby 12 years ago, killed son now - all for lover - Sakshi Post

In a shocking incident, a women, who killed her husband 12 years ago for her lover, has now killed and buried her son near her house.This incident which took place in Maldakal, Mahbubnagar came into light on Saturday. 
Krishnamma got married to Kishtanna 25 years ago. Later,she had an extra-marital affair with a man from the same place. Soon, the lovers killed the husband. They successfully managed to keep the murder under wraps all these years. However,her elder son, Moulali(20) has been warning his mother to mend her ways. She later killed her son with the help of her brothers and buried the body near the house. 
In the first week of July, Moulali's cousins have filed a missing case with Maldakal police. Later the police started investigation and have taken Kistamma for interrogation. She then confessed that she has killed both the father and son and has buried them. Fearing that the villagers would attack her, DSP had appointed a police picket in the village. 

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