KCR's Vastu fetish delays T cabinet expansion?

KCR's Vastu fetish delays T cabinet expansion? - Sakshi Post

TRS ministry aspirants have to wait for at least a month to realise their dreams of joining the Telangana cabinet. 

The reason? This is the month of Ashadham and superstitiously yours KCR will not do a thing in the whole month. KCR is reportedly advised by his crystal ball-gazers and soothsayers that expanding the cabinet during the month of Ashadham would be counteer-productive. 

TRS chief, a firm believer in astrology and vastu, has made changes even to the TRS Bhavan so that it complies with the Vastu principles. All his vehicles bear the number 6 as that is his lucky number. He had even made changes to the new camp office so that it is Vastu compliant. 

So, TRS ministerial aspirants' wait would be longer as KCR would prefer to make his moves only after the inauspicious Ashadham passes!



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