KCR making 'irresponsible' statements: Shashidhar Reddy

KCR making 'irresponsible' statements: Shashidhar Reddy - Sakshi Post

National Disaster Management Authority vice chairman M Shashidhar Reddy today condemned TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao's reported threats to demolish the metro rail and accused him of making irresponsible and provocative statements.

Huge investments have already been made on metro rail and he talked about demolishing the under construction metro rail system which is a kind of anarchy and will not be tolerated by anyone. He should refrain from talking such things, Reddy, who is also a Congress MLA from Andhra Pradesh, said on the sidelines of an event.
"I have always been talking about the insecurity that is there in minds of the people from Seemandhra region because of the provocative statements made by TRS leaders including their party president. I have talked about saving the brand Hyderabad which has contributed so much to the economy of the state. He talks of corruption, then there are ways of looking at it and resolving," he said.
 Group of Ministers are working on various aspects that need to be taken into account for the formation of Telangana and if there are problems and issues, there are ways of looking at it, he said, adding such kind of statements will give out a wrong signal to investors in Telangana and Hyderabad. The separation is already a painful thing for the people of Seemandhra region, who along with the people of other region have contributed to the development of Hyderabad. Now it's a painful experience and he is adding misery to that by making such provocative statements, he said.
K Chandrasekhar Rao recently accused the engineering major L&T of being hand in glove with CM Kiran and benefiting him to the tune of hundreds of crores and reportedly has gone to the extent of saying that in case Telangana becomes a reality then TRS party will destroy the metro rail being built.




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