KCR has deceived people of Telangana: Surekha

KCR has deceived people of Telangana: Surekha - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party leader and former minister Konda Surekha has written a open letter accusing Telangana Rastra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao for deceiving people of the region in the name of Telangana movement.

She demanded KCR that at least in Suryapeta meeting  he should tell  people when separate Telangana will become a reality?

Referring to KCR remarks, she said if the leaders join TRS they are called 'Telangana wadulu' (Telangana supporters) but if they join other parties they are called 'Telangana drohulu' (Telangana cheats), she questioned.

KCR  did not know anything other than 'vote and seat politics', she added.

- Sakshipost

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