KSR Column: KCR’s Three-Year Report Card!!

His three-year reign has some big positives as also some equally significant negatives - Sakshi Post

By Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

KCR has completed three years as Telangana's chief minister. Even after three years, the opposition in the state still feels KCR is largely invincible and that only a herculean effort can dent his win. This lack of gall on the part of the opposition is a huge plus for KCR.

His three-year reign has some big positives as also some equally significant negatives, that show him in poor light. He needs to be complimented for ensuring uninterrupted power supply in Hyderabad and many parts of Telangana. Power outages were common even in the undivided AP. They are a thing of the past now.

Similarly, pension disbursal is going on without any hitch and the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme is being implemented well. But, the same cannot be said about double bed room houses and other schemes. Though a great scheme, the double bed room program is a non-starter and is facing many glitches at the implementation level. Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhageeratha are KCR's flagship programmes and KCR had also said that he wouldn't seek votes if every home in Telangana does not get tap water. But, this appears impossible. Though some effort is being made in the constituencies, as a media report from Adilabad said, the villagers are still drinking muddy and unsafe water. There are countless such villages. There are lingering doubts if the project will bear fruition.

As for irrigation, there are accusations galore about projects like Kaleswaram and Palamur. Also, there are lingering doubts as to whether the projects will actually take off. Tardy work and tall claims cannot go together. Though KCR is claiming that he would provide water to one crore acres, none believes that this would ever become a reality. Similarly, though Mission Kakatiya is an old scheme in a new bottle, it is facing a lot of flak over the way excavation works are being done.

Tackling unemployment is a very important issue for the TRS Government. It is also impossible to get jobs for all the 13 lakh youths, who have enrolled with the TPPSC. This is clearly a tall order for the TRS Government. Though he is focusing on law and order and is providing buildings and vehicles for the cops, his handling of the Nayeem case is inviting flak. Several officials, who were involved in unraveling the case, have since been allegedly taken out of the investigation team.

Miyapur land scam is still a developing story and one has to wait and watch how it shapes. Most importantly, he made tall claims of bringing AP CM Chandrababu Naidu to book in the infamous ‘Cash for Vote’ scam. He said not even God could save Chandrababu. But, later, the case appears to have been watered down. Also, his encouraging defections into his party is perhaps the blackest spot in his history. We do not know if it will strengthen the party, but has ended up bringing infamy and criticism.

Similarly, one has every right to believe in Yagams and Vastu, but spending public money over them will surely invite criticism. KCR has stopped visiting the Secretariat and is confined to Pragathi Bhavan. This is sending a wrong message to the people. His people connect is very limited and this is turning out to be a huge negative.

He is claiming that Telangana is a rich state, but at the same time, he is on an indiscriminate borrowing spree. His assurances of turning Hyderabad into Dallas and Karimnagar into London will also come back to haunt him. He has to tell the people as to what progress was made on these counts. Word wizard that KCR is, he needs to get over the survey fetish and go ahead to fulfill the people's wish.

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