Kavitha All Set To Join BJP, Meets Dr Laxman

Actress-politician Kavitha - Sakshi Post

Popular character artiste and political activist Kavitha has said that she would leave the TDP. Kavitha, who took active part in the 2014 election campaign, said that she would resign the party next week.

Sources close to the actress said that she is all set to join the BJP. She had reportedly met BJP Telangana state president Dr K Laxman and has expressed her willingness to serve the party. Kavitha, who was in Bayyanagudem village in the Agency area of the West Godavari district in connection with a film shooting, said that she had decided to severe her links with the TDP, the party she has been associated since 1983.

She accused the party leadership of not recognising the contributions of the sincere workers. She said only sycophants were being pampered in the Telugu Desam. She said she was almost necked out from key party meetings and Chandrababu did not intervene even when she was being insulted at party conclaves by party leaders. She said she had worked very hard for the TDP and had sweated it out even when the party was out of power for ten long years. She said several parties were inviting her to join them. Though she did not specify the name of the party she is going to join, those close to her said that she is all set to join the BJP.

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