Karimnagar: Four-year-old falls into borewell, dies

Karimnagar: Four-year-old falls into borewell, dies - Sakshi Post

The incidents of kids losing lives after falling into an open well, manhole or a borewell is not new in India. However, what's disgusting is that there's no precaution that's being taken either by parents or the government.

The latest case is that of a four-year-old who lost his life after falling into a defunct borewell at Pallemkunta village, Malhar mandal in Karimnagar district.
It is learnt that 4-year-old Ajit accidentally slipped into a 20-ft open borewell. Sources say that people working in the agricultural land informed the nearby police station. Soon, a rescue operation was launched and a parallel well dug up. However, all efforts went in vain as the borewell was full of water. When the boy was pulled out of the well, he had died.
Police has registered a case against the borewell owner for not filling the abandoned well.

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