Kancha Ilaiah vs Arya Vysyas: Cops Refuse Permission For Rival Meets At Gymkhana Grounds 

Kancha Ilaiah - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: With the political temperature rising on the issue of controversial writer Kancha Ilaiah's stinging comments on the Vysya community in his book post-Hindi India, the Vijaywada police have denied permission to rival groups - backers of Ilaiah and the Arya Vysya Organisations - to hold public meetings at the Gymkhana Grounds.

Ilaiah's supporters sought permission to hold a public meeting at the Gymkhana Grounds on December 28. The application was submitted on behalf of the Social Movement JAC. The Arya Vysya and Brahmin JACs too had sought permission to hold a rival meeting at the same venue and at the same time. With tempers running high on the issue of Ilaiah's comments, the police felt that the rival meeting could pose law and order problems and denied permission to both the meetings.

The police also imposed prohibitory orders in and around the Gymkhana Grounds.

In his book, Ilaiah called the Vysya community members ''Samajika Smugglers.'' The Vysya community in both the Telugu states are up in arms against the author for his comments, which they term are downright derogatory and baseless. They have been staging dharnas and rallies demanding that Ilaiah apologise for the comments.

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