Jr NTR's dad's question to Balayya

Jr NTR's dad's question to Balayya - Sakshi Post

While every member in the TDP is trying to give his/her opinion over the use of NTR photos in the YSRCP flexis, the controversy took a different turn on Monday.

The reaction has come from none other than Jr NTR's father and TDP politburo member Nandamuri Hari Krishna. "The late NTR has a huge following and his photos could be found in the homes of every poor family. Thus everyone has a right to use Rama Rao's photo," said Hari Krishna.

Hari krishna also said that it's best if issues were sorted out before the people in a democratic state. He also said he was game for talks  even in a 'bazaar' with other parties—Congress, TDP and YSR Congress as long as they were willing to answer his questions.

Irked by Balayya's threat to his son, the TDP politburo member in turn sent out a strong message of warning to Balayya.

Referring to Balayya's warnings to Jr NTR, he said: "NTR is newly married and has the blessings of everyone. He also enjoys a great fan following. Was there a need for Bala Krishna to issue such open threats?"

He also raised a strong objection to the use of the word 'political prostitution'. Hari Krishna said, "A person recently made a statement that using NTR photos is political prostitution. Now, I would like to ask that person to define political prostitution. How can it be so when NTR is worshiped as God by his supporters."

NTR family was destroyed due to the ill-will and sin created by somebody. Now, should the new generation suffer the same fate?, he asked.

Hari Krishna is at Warangal to pay obeisance at a temple. The TDP MP also said that although he had many things to share, this wasn't the right time or place.
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