Jilted lover desperately pleads for passerby help

Jilted lover desperately pleads for passerby help - Sakshi Post

Tandur, Love, many would argue, is never devoid of drama. A youngster, M Arun Kumar took the drama aspect of his love a bit too far on Thursday.

As per reports, Arun, resident of Karimnagar, had fallen in love with a girl whom he met when working as Assistant Sales Manager in Karimnagar. 

However, the girl didn't reciprocate Arun's love and got married to someone else in her home town. On hearing about this, Arun berated her over the phone and pleaded her to give him one chance.   

She said that she will come and meet him in Tandur. On seeing her again, Arun lost his mind and started arguing with her, and accused her of cheating on him. He also persuaded her to marry him. Sensing trouble, the girl quickly went away from there. 

After she left, Arun started stopping passerby and started telling them  his love story, he also begged their help in getting the girl as he loved her desperately. Amused by his antics, a small crowd gathered around him. Soon, Tandur Additional SI Rajendra Prasad reached the spot and took him to police station for counseling





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