Jealous Aunt Throws Baby Boy From Hospital Roof

Jealousy hits the roof... - Sakshi Post

In a shocking incident, a woman, who was jealous of her sister-in-law giving birth to a baby boy, threw down the days-old infant from the roof of a hospital in Kanpur. The incident occurred on Monday morning. Accused Sarita Devi, who threw down the baby, has since been arrested.

Sarita Devi has three daughters and no son and was jealous that her sister-in-law gave birth to a baby boy. The boy, named Anmol, was admitted to a hospital for septicaemia. Both his mother and father went out on some work asking Sarita to take care of the boy.
Around 5 am, Sarita raised an alarm saying that the bay was missing.

The police, who swung into action, heard the cries of a baby from an adjacent block. The found the boy entangled to an iron hook. They safely brought him down. The boy suffered injuries due to the fall and was finding it difficult to breathe. He is being treated for the injuries.

The police then examined the CCTV footage and found Sarita carrying the baby to the roof and then dropping him. When questioned, Sarita admitted to her crime and said she did out of jealousy. She has been arrested and investigation is on.

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