Jalayagnam completion could have ushered in prosperity

Jalayagnam completion could have ushered in prosperity - Sakshi Post

Thank god for small mercies—the people of Andhra Pradesh can heave a sigh of relief. The state has thankfully, escaped drought this year, or so it seems. The rain gods have been kind enough to shower water in generous quantity in most parts of the state.

The water levels too have increased in most homes that suffered acute water shortage last summer. However, the situation is nothing to cheer about as we can't be sure whether we can be as lucky next year too. This uncertainty has been the bane of planning and water resource management in our country.
We have advanced tremendously in technological terms to the extent that we have built our own satellites and missiles.Heard of rain water harvesting? Yes, it does ring a bell! Compared to other metros, we are miles behind in the implementation of rain-water harvesting.
Unfortunately though, we are yet to implement the simple water management system that was handed over to us years ago. In fact K L Rao, an engineer and recipient of the Padma Bhushan award for his contribution to irrigation and power, had suggested years ago how rivers across the country can be integrated into a garland structure so as to avoid drought situation. Had someone lent an ear to his genius, then the waters of the many overflowing rivers in AP  and other states in the country, would not have been let into the sea! Yes, you read that right. Last week, the excess water from the reservoirs in the state that were full due to heavy rains was released into the sea for lack of any alternate methods to store water.
It may be recalled that Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, the visionary leader too had proposed something similar in his Jalayagnam project.
The water management program implemented by YSR to bring about 82 lakh acres of land under irrigation. YSR knew the suffering of the agriculturist and empathised with the underprivileged and constantly came up with brilliant, innovative schemes to benefit them. Thus, when long spells of unrelenting drought led to farmer suicides, YSR initiated the Jalayagnam project. He knew that the agriculture sector was the backbone of Indian economy. Hence Jalayagnam was a step in the right direction — with a number of irrigation projects  by construction of reservoirs and lift irrigation systems for lifting water from major rivers, particularly from Godavari, to provide immediate irrigation benefits. The project helped Andhra Pradesh make significant progress in sustainable agriculture by making wastelands cultivable.
Sadly, the dream project that could have done wonders to the state failed to take off the way it was intended to, after YSR's unfortunate demise.
The need of the hour is one such workable water management project. And if it's not going to be NOW, then it will NEVER be!

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