Jagga Reddy says no to Pawan, sticks to Congress

Jagga Reddy says no to Pawan, sticks to Congress - Sakshi Post

Ever since former MLA Jagga Reddy met actor and Jana Sena Party leader Pawan Kalyan, speculations of Jagga Reddy joining the Pawan's bandwagon were rife. 

Pawan Kalyan's endorsing of Jagga Reddy's work and stating that he will be happy to work with the leader for the sake of Telangana people, added fuel  to the speculations.  

The strongman of Sangareddy too expressed an interest to work with the Jana Sena chief and added that people like him are needed in Telangana. There were also rumours that Jagga Reddy was using Pawan to get into BJP, as there will be by elections for Medak Lok Sabha seat. 

On Friday, however, Jagga Reddy made it clear that he was going to sail with Congress and had no intentions to quit the party.  

"There is no truth in the rumours that I am quitting Congress. Pawan is a friend, that is why I met him personally," he said.


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