Jagan, the peerless youth icon

Jagan, the peerless youth icon - Sakshi Post

He stands taller than all the other leaders in AP. The harder his detractors try to tar his image, the stronger he emerges. The more he's harassed, the more powerful he has become. Jail could not fetter the soaring popularity of his party.

His very name now sends a chill up the collective spine of his political opponents.  He's seen as a youth icon and the true inheritor of his father's mantle. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's remains miles ahead of everyone else in terms of popularity and public appeal.

He's a worthy inheritor of his father's legacy. The sort of overwhelming response that he's received at every place he's visited — especially in all the three regions of state shows that he's peerless when it comes to popular appeal as compared to any of the Congress leaders or Naidu and his cronies.

What mirrors and substantiates this fact are the surveys conducted by credible media groups such as NDTV and Headlines Today, among others. One of the surveys came out with the result that 48% vote share (winning numbers) will go to YSR Congress party, a figure corroborated by the others.

The fact that Jagan's party managed to win 15/18 Assembly seats plus the Nellore Lok Sabha seats even while its leader was in prison, goes to show the popularity that YSRCP enjoys. Even the one seat in Parakal constituency in Warangal that the party lost was by marginal numbers — that too because other parties ganged up against the YSRCP. The Congress and other parties just can't stomach the fact that Jagan is still popular despite all the conspiracies hatched against him. They know that no matter what happens, Jagan will be undeterred.

 As his wife YS Bharathi wrote in one of her columns in Sakshi, "My father-in-law would counsel Jagan: 'You should remain calm,collected and composed. Don't get puffed up with happiness when things go your way, or get disappointed when they don't'. Jagan imbibed this sage advice, which he had heard over and over again from his father, to the extent that composure and steadiness of purpose became an intrinsic part of his personality. He remains undaunted and unfazed by adversity."

So by now, it's an established fact that Jagan is the undisputed youth icon of Andhra Pradesh. In him, people see his father. The supporters of YSRCP believe that Jagan will bring back YSR's golden rule with all its welfare-driven schemes including Arogyasri, pension for widow, fee reimbursement etc — the ones that were devised and implemented by the people's person, and the late Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy. 

That he's the undisputed youth icon is beyond any doubt—scores of Facebook pages created in his name stand testimony to this fact. One even refers to Jagan as the 'Lion of politics'. 

Jagan has had to pay a heavy price for his popularity—he has been jailed for wrongs he has not committed so that he could be kept away from the people. Despite all that he remains unfazed and undaunted, because he is cast in the mould of a true leader.


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