Jagan seeks Left support against Telangana creation

Jagan seeks Left support against Telangana creation - Sakshi Post

Extending support to YSR Congress for a unified Andhra Pradesh, the CPI(M) on Tuesday said immediate priority was to restore normalcy as the state was heading towards anarchy due to Centre's "unilateral" decision.

"Today's priority is to restore normalcy in Andhra Pradesh. The Congress party and Central government should stop taking unilateral decision. And they should bring on board everybody concerned to restore a sense of normalcy," CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury said after a meeting with a delegation of the YSR Congress in Delhi.
Seeking support of the CPI(M) against bifurcation of the state, YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan's mother Vijayamma and Alagada MLA Sobha Nagreddy along with other party members had met CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat and Yechury and submitted a memorandum.
Expressing concern over the "deteriorating" situation in the southern state, Yechury said, "Now the power grid is virtually broken down. As a result, train movement and communication has totally collapsed. Road transport is on strike. Schools and hospitals are not functioning. All this is leading to a chaotic anarchy and this is very, very damaging."
Referring to the meeting with YSR team, he said, "Right now what we have discussed is how to restore normalcy."
Asked whether TDP is moving closer to BJP and YSR to the Left, Yechury said, "I do not think it is alignment or realignment. The primary issue is to restore normalcy in Andhra and if you delay it further you are moving further to the state of anarchy."
On CPI(M)'s stand on Telangana, Yechury said, "Our position has not changed. We are for unified Andhra. All parties have stated their position publicly."
He said both BJP and TDP have said they wanted division of Andhra and formation of Telangana. "So when they are accusing us of not supporting their cause, we want to say we have taken a principled position," he said.
Yechury asked the Centre not to "impose a unilateral decision. The CPI(M) has consistently stood on its principled position - do not disturb the states created on linguistic basis. We have been saying this all along. Now some others are also saying so."
He said even during the creation of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh, the CPI(M) position was the same.
Yechury had yesterday held the Congress "singularly responsible" for the situation. "The entire mess is due to the bungling by the party and its government," he said.
After taking a decision on Telangana as far back as 2009, "they did nothing on the matter, took no decision on crucial issues like water and power sharing and others. Their inaction has just put the state on the boil," he had told reporters then.




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