Jagan's deadline to Chandrababu on crop loan waiver

Jagan's deadline to Chandrababu on crop loan waiver - Sakshi Post

* Threatens massive agitation and protest fasts across AP

* "We want waiving off, not re-scheduling," says Jagan
* "We shall stand by the people," declares YSRCP president

Leader of the opposition and YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a deadline of one month to Chandrababu Naidu government to implement the crop loan waiver and threatened to launch a massive agitation if the loans were not waived within the deadline.

He strongly demanded that AP's chief Minister keep his word on crop loan waiver.
Commenting on Chandrababu's decision to re-schedule the loans in Srikakulam, YS Jagan said that this has been the normal practice adopted by every government so far. “Chandrababu Naidu has resolutely and categorically told the Election Commission that all logistics were worked out and the loan waiver scheme is feasible and promised in the subsequent public meetings that, with all the experience he has as chief minister for nine years, the scheme is viable and will be implemented immediately after coming to power.

People believed the stark lie and voted TDP to power and Chandababu Naidu is shirking responsibility and is now searching for ways to wriggle out of the situation and exploring escape routes for waving loans but we are with the farmers and will take up an agitation if the loans are not waived within one month,” he said.

"Even Kiran Kumar Reddy's lame duck government did it. But, what we want is loan waiver not re-scheduling."

Naidu’s letter to Election Commission on April 11 and in the electioneering there after the TDP President has consistently assured the people that waiver of all agriculture and DWACRA loans will be done immediately after assuming office and it is feasible.

"Chandrababu had said day in and day out that he would waive crop loans once he came to power. It is already a month and there is still no clarity on the issue," Jagan said adding that Chandrababu was trying to find the escaping ways on the loan waiver.

The 184th State Level Banking Conference (SLBC) has given a report about the quantum of agriculture loans which is pegged at Rs 87,000 crores and the TDP government is aware of it.

The situation of DWACRA groups is pathetic as the bankers are adjusting the money towards loans and interests as nothing has come from the government though it has promised to waive all the DWACRA group loans.

Sugarcane farmers are again bearing the brunt as the management is directly depositing the money into banks which are in turn adjusting the money towards loans and interest and the farmer is not in a position to draw any money.

People have believed Chandrababu Naidu’s election promise and have voted him to power and the TDP government has been trying to delay the process. It has appointed Kotaiah Committee only to drag the issue and the report was not given for obvious reasons, he said. This is nothing but cheating the people. Any cheat will be booked under section 420 of IPC.

People and farmers in particular have lost faith and patience and if the election promise of waiving all agriculture and DWACRA group loans is not fulfilled within one month, we will toe the agitation path, he warned


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