Jagan's case : an unsolved mystery

Jagan's case : an unsolved mystery - Sakshi Post

While Jagan's partisans are worried about the turmoil that he is in, there are a few basic questions being raised that are not being answered.

Chief Minister Kiran Kumar  Reddy backed the ministers who have resigned, saying in the assembly that the ministers hadn't committed any mistake, and that they had done it only to avoid any black mark on the party. He also said that the accused ministers have not broken any laws.

"It does not mean that the ministers, who had resigned after their names appeared in the chargesheets, committed mistakes. They resigned on the directive of the party high command, keeping in view the image of the party and the government", the Chief Minister said. He then added that chargesheets had been filed in some cases and investigation was still in process for some other. Hence, the ministers had resigned confining to some moral values. "Since the charges have not been proved against them, they should not be called ‘tainted’ ministers," Kiran Reddy defended the accused ministers in the Assembly yesterday.

It is very surprising to hear this from the Chief Minister himself, because Jagan was arrested on similar terms yet he was treated in a different way all together.At Kiran's reaction to the 'tainted ministers' case,on behalf of its people, YSRCP raises the following questions for which they are demanding imminent answers.

1)The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy clearly says that the ministers have done nothing wrong in issuing the GOs, and that there was no quid pro quo. If so, why is there a case against Jagan?

2) If GOs were issued according to rules and regulations, where is the question of quid pro quo?

3)Ministers had made decisions and they are said not to be faulty. At a time when Jagan was not even an MLA, nor was he in any position of power, how can he be accused?

4) If there was no fault of the ministers, even when the high court had questioned, why didn't the government file a counter case?

5) Did the government stay silent to put him in trouble? The Chief Minister today is backing the ministers in the assembly. Why didn't he tell the same to the court then?

6) Had he said the same to the court earlier, was it feared that Jagan would be proved innocent?

7)Though Ministers have resigned from their posts it doesn't mean they are not guilty. But, just because there were allegations against Jagan, why was he wronged? Why was there silence in the case of TDP then? And, why are they attacking TDP now?

- Sakshipost

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