Jagan hurt on alleged ‘deal’

Jagan hurt on alleged ‘deal’ - Sakshi Post

Jagan is assertive on the stereotypes of political propaganda against his bail, by some opponents falsely attributing hidden amity with Congress in striking a deal. In a befitting reply, during his press conference on Monday at his Lotus Pond office, he said:

If I had been so vulnerable to have such clandestine deal with Congress, I should not have been in Jail for 16 months. I would have been out much early. 
We approached the Supreme Court not once but twice. At first instance, the apex court set to finish the inquiry in certain time frame. When it initially set a 6-month timeline, our lawyers argued against its prolongation of 6 months  and got it removed.  Nevertheless, CBI went on dragging the case, without filing the chargesheet.  Again we approached the Supreme Court second time, and four months timeframe was set. Obviously CBI was bound to follow the Supreme Court's orders. What else would CBI do and how long it will confine a person to jail against the basic principles of constitution?
I seriously don't understand how can anybody allege it, when a person was confined for  16 months unconstitutionally, when it is clearly said in the Constitution that if a inquiry is not completed within  three months bail should be granted as a right. 
Let it be not Jagan Mohan Reddy,  let it be anybody, it can happened to you and it can happened to anybody. If inquiry not completed within three months, it is your right bestowed by the Constitution to get the bail.  Moreover, you are not proved guilty. This is absolutely a political conspiracy where political parties have gone to the court and political parties have utilised the machinery what is in front of them. A bail should have been given in three months time, but even after 16 months you people  are still saying such kind of words (striking a deal), it really hurts me a lot.

- Siva@Sakshipost

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