Is TRS press meet its bargaining chip?

Is TRS press meet its bargaining chip? - Sakshi Post

Is TRS not going to merge with Congress? The apparent outcome of the press meet by TRS senior leader Etela Rajendar, was indicating accordingly. But, if the strategies of TRS are read between the lines, Etela’s press meet was a tactical effort to acquire required capacity for political bargaining.

Etela during his press meet asserted that achieving separate Telangana is not a destiny for TRS, but an important stage in the journey.
“TRS is not confined for achieving Telangana as a geographical unit. It wants to grab an active role in future reconstruction of Telangana,” he said. According to him, Telangana people desired to see their leader KCR taking more active role in making of Telangana.
It may be recalled that TRS leaders including party chief KCR on several occasions were vocal on merging their party with Congress, if Congress gives separate Telangana state. Speculation was rife that when KCR stayed three days in Delhi and he and his party leaders held some back-channel talks with the AICC top brass.
Now, Etela statement takes the speculations to a different plane. He went ahead while stating that the TRS already announced an action plan for reconstruction of new state. He said during the press meet that their party will come out with more of such developmental plans.
Giving absolutely no credits to Congress for announcing a separate statehood to Telangana, Etela said that Congress agreed for separate Telangana state only because of the sacrifices made by Telangana people. So, eyeing on definite dividends, the TRS leader tried to keep their party on the contender’s pedestal while betting time in the usual carrot-and- stick method of combining tactics and threats.


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