Is this Government or Chandrababu Pvt Ltd?: Shailajanath

Is this Government or Chandrababu Pvt Ltd?: Shailajanath - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee Deputy chief Shalajanath had hit out at Chandrababu Naidu and his government for issuing the dismissal order of the Anganwadi workers who agitated at CM Camp office in Vijayawada on December 18.

The senior Congress leader expressed his anger saying the Andhra Pradesh state is under a dictatorship and the government seems to be taking vindictive action upon the government sector workers who were fighting for a wage hike.

Shailajanath also faulted that the government’s harsh treatment towards the Anganwadi workers. The Congress stalwart ridiculed Chandrababu Naidu saying he had changed the government into his own private company. He said “is this a constitutional Government or Chandrababu's Private Limited company?”
He demanded for the immediate cancellation of the GO of the removal of Anganwadi workers and also sought the government to declare the capital city area as a free zone and fulfill their own election promise of a job for every household.

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