Is there more to Chiru's Swachch Bharat comments?

Is there more to Chiru's Swachch Bharat comments? - Sakshi Post

* Did Chiranjeevi plan to join the BJP before polls?

Everyone seems to be deserting the sinking ship that the Congress is. After the worst ever drubbing it received in India and in Andhra Pradesh in particular, some of the die-hard Congress fans too are looking sideways. 

The latest name doing rounds is that of Congress election-in charge for Andhra Pradesh, Chiranjeevi.
Adding grist to the speculations, Chiranjeevi supported Prime Minister's Swacch Bharat Mission.
Chiranjeevi was the latest celebrity to join the list of Modi's clean India mission backers. The actor-turned-politician said,"Keeping ourselves, home and neighborhood clean doesn't cost us anything and it helps us all. Let's all join our Prime Minister's mission to keep our cities, towns and cities clean."
With his open support, rumors are rife in the Congress Party that he is eyeing the BJP.
There were reports that Chiranjeevi was keen to quit Congress and join the Saffron party even before the elections, but Congress' shrewd move of making him election-in charge, put a brake to the actor's plans.
His sibling and Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan's proximity to PM designate Narendra Modi is well-known. This, it would seem, has tempted Chiranjeevi to make the move. Reportedly, even Pawan tried persuading his elder brother to ditch the Congress, which is but a spent force.
Before elections, Chiranjeevi's former Congress colleagues Purandeswari and Kavuri Samba Siva Rao had also shifted allegiance to BJP from Congress.

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