Is India becoming Congress-Mukt Bharat

Is India becoming Congress-Mukt Bharat - Sakshi Post

The BJP says it will win  the Delhi elections.The AAP says it will win the elections.The Congress says anyone can win the World Cup. 

This joke going viral on the social media, in short, is a telling story of the Congress plight in Delhi. The Congress has not just the election badly, it is in the danger of losing grip in Delhi altogether. Leaderless and rudderless, the party went through the motions and had lost the plot quite early in the campaign.
The problem for the Congress party is that it has never come back to power wherever there are three major political forces. For instance, it lost power in UP way back in 1989 and has never come back. Ditto with Bihar, where Laloo upstaged the Congress. In Tamil Nadu and West Bengal too the party had lost power almost four decades ago and has never regained power. In Odisha, the BJD and the BJP have completely marginalised the Congress. 
With AAP and BJP completely marginalising the Congress, the grand old party is just a dot in the political canvass of the party. Who wins in Delhi is no longer the issue. The issue is - is India becoming truly Congress-mukt Bharat?

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