Is 1+1+1= 111?

Is 1+1+1= 111? - Sakshi Post

Narendra Modi, the rabble-rousing word-wizard gave an altogether new math to Andhra Pradesh voters during his recent whirlwind tour of Andhra Pradesh. He said politics is not merely maths, but an issue of chemistry. He said 1+1+1 in maths may be merely three, but when it comes to the chemistry of politics, it could very well be 111.

Modi was refering to the power and impact of the alliance between the BJP, Chandrababu Naidu's TDP and latest yet political star Pawan Kalyan. He appeared to be firmly believing in the amplifying power of both the leaders and their respective outfits. 

However, how true is Modi maths at the ground level? Are the TDP, BJP and Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party working in tandem at the booth level? Reality check shows that 1+1+1 may not even be 3. It could even be 0. At the constituency level, the TDP and the BJP have yet to get their act together.

In places where the BJP has put up its candidates, the TDP is not seen cooperating. In several constituencies, the TDP has rebels, backed by party cadre at the grassroots. In some places, the TDP has flouted the poll alliance dharma and has officially declared its candidates. In places where the TDP is contesting, the party cadre feel being seen together with the BJP could actually prove to be counter-productive as it could alienate the minorities. 

There are issues between the two parties - some ticklish and some pretty prickly. The state leadership of both the parties has not tried to iron out the differences. As for Telangana, there are just two days for the campaign to end and the polling would be held on April 30. But, both the parties could work out a way at least in Seemandhra to ensure that 1+1+1 is at least 3.


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