Introducing the techie who teaches kids robbery in Hyderabad

Introducing the techie who teaches kids robbery in Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

The lure of money coupled with IT skills helped a man devise an ingenious plan; teaching kids robbery! Meet the software techie who instead of teaching IT skills to children, teaches them how to steal.  

Subhash, a software engineer-turned-thief- used to earn Rs 30,000 per month. Unhappy with his monthly income, and unwilling to pick up a part time job, Subhash instead decided to take to stealing. 

He would lure small boys, and use their agility and small size to his advantage. After gaining their trust, Subash would then teach them stealing in crowded places like bus stops and railways stations. However, they were given strict instructions that they had to deposit their stolen goods with Subash.  These wares would then find themselves on e-commerce sites, and the money made from the sites would be pocketed by Subhash.  

One of his 'students' included 12-year-old boy. Speaking about Subash's modus operandi, said that he met the techie at an Internet centre. Subash soon befriended the kid, and promised to teach him the art of stealing. Intrigued, the small boy went along with Subash. 

A shocked mother of the boy said " He used to come to my house and say that he will teach my son computers for free." She added that her son wasn't the only one, and that Subhash has managed to lure many innocent boy in a similar fashion.  

Subash taught the boy to steal cell phones in the trains at Kachiguda. He also took the boy to Bangalore and forced him to steal there as well. Somehow, the boy managed to escape from the techie's clutches.  


Acting on a complaint filed by the boy's parents, Amberpet police arrested Subhash on Saturday. 


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