In a strange incident that happened in Ontario of Canada, a woman called emergency helpline 911, over a complaint of pizza that wasn't prepared on time. The woman whose name is not known visited a restaurant on Monday night along with her 10 year old son for dinner. However she became furious after the restaurant staff could not serve her order on time which made her to dial up the emergency helpline.

According to the Toronto Star, police say they were called to a restaurant in Elgin, only to find a "hangry" customer complaining about her delayed dinner.

Ontario Police constable Sandra Barr says that police educated the woman on the appropriate use of emergency helplines .The police also took to Twitter to remind citizens that 911 is for emergencies only.

"The 911 system is for those that are in imminent danger." "It's for emergency situations in need of police, fire or ambulance. It's not for pizza calls." police said.

A similar incident was reported last year from UK when a woman called them about a cracked egg.