Buenos Aires: Several women gathered at a square in San Isidro, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires on July 23, 2016 to protest against two policemen who kicked a woman out for breastfeeding her nine-month son was from a public square.

Women were joined by other people as they breastfeeded their children during the demonstration.

Waving signs that read “No repression; nursing is not up for discussion” and “My breasts, my rights; I’m not interested in your opinion,” some 500 women demonstrated in support of Constanza Santos, who police took from the square for nursing her nine-month-old.

Instead of a sit-in, some called the protest a breastfeed-in.

Supporters said the case was disturbing and that they were not going to let mothers’ rights be trampled on.

Similar demonstrations were held in other cities, including Mar del Plata, Tucuman and Neuquen.

“This is great because it sheds light on a problem. And police need to be on the public’s side and not work against them,” said Argentine human rights activist Adolfo Perez Esquivel, the 1980 Nobel peace laureate.