The chief of the Madrid regional government, once seen as a rising star who could become prime minister of Spain, resigned in April this year after a website posted video that appeared to show her being detained for shoplifting.

The politician, Cristina Cifuentes, president of the Community of Madrid, had been under pressure to step down for weeks before that, since separate reports had emerged that she had received her master’s degree without doing the necessary work.

Cifuentes, 53, before tending her resignation, said taking the cream, worth around 40 euros (approximating to Rs 3,178) , had been an “involuntarily error”. She was released after paying for the cream.

She has not appeared to testify in court today regarding her ‘fake degree’ citing “health reasons”. The court has sent a doctor to assess her condition.

The Spanish twitterati are trolling and making memes out of this situation of hers.