Inter exam toppers are from government colleges

Inter exam toppers are from government colleges - Sakshi Post


These are the students of Government Junior Colleges. They come from poverty-stricken families. There are days when they go hungry; days when there is nothing to do except swallow their tears.

They study in govt schools and colleges, which are scrupulously avoided by the rich and affluent. There are corporate colleges in Hyderabad which collect 4 lakhs as fees, with all facilities including air-conditioned rooms. But these colleges are beyond reach of these children whose parents eke out a living as coolies.

Most of the govt schools and colleges present a woeful façade. The buildings are in a dilapidated stage, the labs are poorly equipped, and the teachers are indifferent. But nothing deterred the grit and determination of these students who stormed into the top ranks. The belief that only those who study in corporate colleges will reach the top is shattered. They proved that poverty is no obstacle for those with merit and are determined to prove it.

The govt colleges achieved better results than the corporate colleges in 2012.

The overall passing percentage last year, among the Inter second year students was 58.43, but in Govt colleges it was 62%. The Govt colleges in Adilabad scored top results with 78%. This year, the passing percentage among govt junior colleges rose to 65% with Adilabad standing first once again with 80%. The background of all these merit students read almost the same. They all belong to families below the poverty level. Their parents, most of them are farm workers, working for daily wages. Some have lost their mothers and some, their fathers - the sole bread-winner in the family.

There is one common thread running in their lives: all the children worked in the fields along with their parents and earned money to pay for their books and college fees. The girls in addition,would help their mothers in the household work and then go to college. They are all highly ambitious with clearly-marked goals. But they are also sensitive to the struggle of their parents to survive. They were determined not to be a burden on their parents and at the same time, study to reach high academic goals. Their success broke the pre-conceived notions that studies in highly paid corporate colleges alone will bring success.

- Sakshipost


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