Indian actress says “I had sex with Shahid Afridi, so what?’’

Indian actress says “I had sex with Shahid Afridi, so what?’’ - Sakshi Post

Pakistan circket’s ‘boom boom’ boy Shahid Afridi saw himself amidst scandalous headlines as an Indian model-turned-actress Arshi Khan gave out shocking statements of being romantically involved with him.

After revealing appalling facts about the self-styled controversial godwoman ‘Radhe Maa’, Arshi turned to grab media attention with her comments on Shahid Afridi.
According to earlier media reports, these two were in a relationship and allegedly spent romantic time in Dubai, though the actress had rubbished these claims earlier and had stated that the cricketer was just her good friend.
However, the actress in her latest interview exposed the former Pakistani cricket captain and claimed to have had physical relations with him.
She took the support of the 140 characters social engine to make her relationship public and said “Yes, I had sex with Afridi! Do I need the Indian media's permission to sleep with someone? It's my personal life. For me it was love."
Earlier she quoted controversy with her outburst at Radhe Maa, where she exclaimed the god-woman runs a prostitution business and that she was approached by Radhe Maa’s agent to join the sex-racket.


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