Illicit Liquor Business Thrives In Dry Bihar

Banning the sale and consumption of alcohol was one of major poll campaign promises of Nitish Kumar - Sakshi Post

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday noted with concern that the illicit liquor business was thriving in the dry state and emphasised the need for community participation to check the "lucrative" trade.

On his state-wide 'Vikas Samiksha Yatra', Kumar told the people in Bakhri village of Sitamarhi district that those who report cases of violation of the alcohol ban to authorities would be protected, and also urged them to remain vigilant.

The identity of the complainant would remain secret, he said. Banning the sale and consumption of alcohol – domestic and Indian Made Foreign Liquor – has been an issue close to Kumar. It was also one of his major poll campaign promises.

An anti-liquor law is in effect in Bihar since April last year.

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