If serious about black money, PM should probe BJP’s 2014 poll campaign expenses: Sibal  

Sibal added that the PM should also promise that in all the coming elections, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, the BJP will make details of all its expenses public - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday demanded a probe whether black money was involved in the BJP's campaign in the 2014 polls if the ruling party was serious about tackling the malaise, while attacking it on the "hasty" and "ill-planned" demonetisation move which had left the nation "suffering".

"If the BJP is actually serious about ending the menace of black money, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi should set up a commission of inquiry to probe if any black money was involved in BJP's election campaign before he became the Prime Minister," senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal told reporters here.

"The visuals of the campaign on TV suggested there was a lot of black money involved in it," he said.

Sibal added that the Prime Minister should also promise that in all the coming elections, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, the BJP will make details of all its expenses public.

"Prime Minister Modi should promise to the nation that in all the coming elections, the BJP will put details of all the expenses on its website regarding setting up of tents, tables, arrangement of drinking water etc along with details of the cheques used to make the payments.

"It is only then that the people will realise it (demonetisation) is not another 'jumla'," Sibal said.

He slammed the Narendra Modi government for acting "in haste and in an unplanned" manner by demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, and said the nation was suffering due to it.

"This is a decision made in haste, not a well thought out decision. Black money getting converted into another type of black money now," he said, also targeted Modi for travelling to Japan while leaving the nation in chaos.

"At a time when the Prime Minister should have been present in the country, he is not here but in Japan," he said.

Sibal said people are facing inconvenience due to the government's move as there were long queues outside banks and ATMs to deposit or exchange their spiked currency or take out cash.

"Account is mine, money is mine, then why should I stand in a line?" he asked.

He added there are many places in India which have no bank branches, let alone ATMs.

"The result is that people are being exploited. Dollar is being sold in black market at the rate of Rs 180 to Rs 200. Touts are accepting Rs 1000 notes giving back Rs 700 in valid denominations."

"Is that not black money? The black money is not getting exposed, it is just being converted," Sibal said.

"Gold prices have risen to Rs 70000. People will sell the same gold later and get back their black money," he added.

"Narendra Modi says that he is a common man, but neither has he ever stood in a line in an ATM, nor does he know how expenses run. He doesn't know the price of flour, pulses, sugar."

Sibal's comments come a day after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi joined a queue outside a bank to withdraw money.

Taken aback by the mass crisis, the government has extended till November 14 midnight the original 72-hour deadline for utilities to use the banned currency.


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